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Creative Outreach Marketing; Personalized, Targeted and Track-able Direct Mail

Get more prospects and leads with digital hand-written postcards that are personalized to each recipient within a bulk audience, and have it executed within minutes!


Automated Contact List

Build your contact list and send a personalized, non-computerized (like-real) hand-written message that guides them to a digital marketing platform that tracks their behavior and generates new leads for your business.

Powerful Dashboard and Management

Postlead™ is a revolutionary tool that allows you to merge digital marketing with traditional direct marketing. It’s a platform that gives you the ability to personalize your message based on a Postlead™ dashboard functionality that connects to your prospects’ public social media accounts.

Powerful Leads from Just a Contact List

The impressive automation process of Postlead™ enables you to literally force your prospects and contacts to see your message in a creative manner. It’s as if you are meeting them face to face to make a real and lasting impression.