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August 5, 2017, by Yeslandi Perez
3 Unique Direct Mail Ideas to Attract More Potential Customers
3 Unique Direct Mail Ideas to Attract More Potential CustomersWhat was once considered snail mail has become one of the most relevant tools for you to use when it comes to finding innovative ways to appeal to potential customers. Direct mail marketing offers many opportunities for your business to shine in a creative way. Going in a different direction rather than solely relying on digital technology, which has become quite the norm, allows you to utilize many unique and interesting ways to make your message clear and exciting for potential customers.

Here are three helpful ways to attract more customers for your business:

1. Pique their Curiosity

Just mailing a letter might not be enough to get your potential customers excited about your offering or your business anymore. Customers have grown accustomed to receiving promotional offerings online and through the mail, and it's gotten to the point where they can easily tune out these messages. You have to actually pique their curiosity and make them want to know more about your business instead of expecting them to react to direct mail promotions that don't carry much of a punch. This is where you can do something new to get them buzzing about your business. Try sending your direct mail offering in a three dimensional package. Your potential customers will be instantly intrigued. They may even wonder if it's an online order or a gift someone sent them. Don't let them down, keep the excitement going by providing either a free sample or something tangible that they can use that relates to your brand's image or your specific offering.

2. Merge Digital with Physical

When it comes to direct mail marketing, you get the advantage over digital marketing because you get to use it as a supplement. It just wouldn't work out the same way if you used digital marketing as your first step. Recipients won't have the instant follow through of the tangible to the intangible promotion. When you use direct mail marketing first, you get to wow customers with some digital marketing media that they can access instantly. You can include scan mailers that include QR codes that lead to exciting multimedia videos and messages. You can even include a link that is distinctly created for those interested in your offering. Make the message exciting and follow through with a bang. Put your creativity to work and your potential customers won't forget about your business.

3. Focus on Your Audience

Be very specific in every level of your direct mail marketing efforts. Only target customers who are best suited for the offering. Use hot leads that are interested in your offer, don't just randomly use cold leads or those who've expressed little to no interest in your company or your industry. Also, when you create your direct mailings, whether it's a package, postcard, or a scan mailer, use your addressee's name. Potential customers are more likely to respond to messages that include their first names.

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