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June 21, 2019, by Carlo Ricordi
5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing isn’t Dead in 2019
Businesses have used direct mail marketing for centuries. Sears became a corporate powerhouse by using direct mail marketing in the 1800s, to reach consumers in distant towns. People liked learning about products’ competitive prices and having access to otherwise inaccessible goods. We may be more connected thanks to the Internet, but direct mail hasn’t lost its value. You can use it in tandem with digital marketing, to expand your campaign and personal branding. Many companies still use it, and you can too, to promote their campaigns and products. Below are some reasons why direct mail hasn’t gone the way of the telegram or the horse-drawn carriage:

1. You Can Track Direct Mail

Does this seem like an obvious statement? Not really. You can use modern electronic tracking systems to see how many people use the coupons you send or visit the specific landing pages for your website. The data from tracking allows you to assess a campaign’s health. Being able to track direct mail means that you can refine your strategy depending on the response rate, target audience, and zip codes. You are not sending cash and creativity out into the void. Instead, you can start small, and figure out which types of direct mail are cost effective and which work.

2. The Strategy Still Has A High Return On Investment (ROI).

Thanks to the metrics, we can ascertain that direct mail marketing still has value. The median ROI for direct mail is 29%, which seems to be a small amount but is above social media’s median for the same percentage. Mail can still hold its own when fewer people respond to email advertising or click on what they receive in their digital inboxes. It hasn’t died yet, with how people respond.

3. Mail Can Create A Tactile, Emotional Connection.

For those of us who used to send letters in the mail, we remember the pleasurable sensation of finding a good piece of mail that speaks to us. Some of us miss the sensation of waiting by the mailbox for a response to a letter that we sent a few weeks ago. Consumers can touch mail, and they can see if a product is sent specially for their interests. They can smell perfume samples, and hear the tear when opening an envelope or sealed magazine. No email or flashy website can deliver the sensation of paper, or the smell of new ink.

4. You Can Grab Customers’ Attention For A Few Minutes.

Again, this is not a factor to overlook! The average consumers’ attention span is seven to ten seconds. That span can go down depending on how often the customer is multitasking. We are all guilty of this failing when using the Internet because there are so many websites that we can explore. Mail doesn’t have the same risk of distraction. Sure, you may get a pile of mail and have to separate the bills from the “junk” and the coupons, but you still have to dedicate more than eight seconds to read. And you can’t switch tabs on mail as easily.

5. There Is Less Regulation On What You Can Send For Direct Mail

When you’re doing email marketing, you have to abide by the CAN-SPAM Act, which was passed to expressly reduce “spam” messages in email. If you violate the law, then you can risk fines or even jail time. Neither is a viable option for when you want to succeed at your business. Mail has no such restrictions, as long as you don’t violate privacy and data laws. While you do risk consumers viewing your mail as “junk” and tossing it in the trash, you can still send various options provided you follow standard post guidelines: postcards, samples, tiny packages.

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