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December 1, 2017, by postleadadmin
4 Tips to Generate Quality Leads for Your Law Firm
4 Tips to Generate Quality Leads for Your Law FirmThe services that your consulting firm offers to prospects would be put to use a lot more if you could get the right prospects to see and respond to your message. Direct mail marketing is just one of the many keys that you can use to unlock the access that your law firm needs in order to shine in front of the right audience.
    1. Know Your Prospects through Research

    • Research your leads with public information shared online to help you know whether or not they'd be interested in what your firm has to offer. Since direct mail marketing is typically an introductory or re-introductory way of engaging prospects, it doesn't have to be so detailed that you'd need to know an extensive amount of information about your leads. The basis of the information you collect about your leads should help you to conclude whether or not your leads would be interested, and if in some way they've expressed that they are then you'll know that you can move forward from there.
    1. Easier to Link Mailing Online

    • Direct mailings have become much easier to link with online dashboards and other tools that can be used to track and analyze information. You can include QR codes, scans, website links, and more onto direct mail marketing material for prospects to use that will help you to see how prospects perform once they receive your mailing.
    1. Prospects Can Connect with the Real You

    • Law firms sometimes have to get pretty personal with their clients, so it's best to start off from the beginning by being open about who you are and what your firm represents. This can be done by including a group photo of you and your team. This can help to establish a very personal feeling for most prospects. They cannot only read what you're about, but they can also see who you and your team really are, which helps them to put a face behind the message.
    1. Follow-Up with Prospects

    • You can follow up with prospects in a simple way when you use direct mailings. Now, you could send out follow-up mailings or make phone calls to get some feedback on your mailing. However, a much simpler way of following up would be to watch the incoming traffic of phone calls, messages, or website visits. Your direct mailing is the perfect way of initiating a conversation with your prospects, and it's easier to see what they're saying about your business by watching how they respond, not just listening to what they say. You can use a conversion rate or response rate as a way of tracking your success.
Direct mail marketing for law practices is a great way to keep you in front of your most ideal prospects. At Postlead, we specialize in this. Contact us and let us know what your goals are for the direct mail marketing campaign that you'll soon be launching from your firm. We'll be waiting to hear from you!