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June 22, 2017, by Yeslandi Perez
The Best Way to Generate Leads for a Small Business If you want to build your small business, then you need leads! You probably have a database of existing customers and prospects, but is that enough? Probably not! So, what’s the best way to generate the leads you need to set your business up for success? Traditionally, there have been two methods for generating leads: direct mail and digital marketing. Technically, both of these methods are considered to be ‘direct response’ because the recipient is expected to do something as a response to receiving the marketing message. This differentiates these marketing platforms from television or print advertising, which is intended to make an impression so that when the prospect is ready to buy, they choose your product. Direct response, on the other hand, is intended to elicit a response immediately. Direct Mail Direct mail has its advantages. You can target your prospects pretty narrowly, whether it’s by geography, age, income, interests, or any number of other demographics. This gives you the ability to mail only to people who have a high likelihood of being receptive to your offer. Of course, there are drawbacks to direct mail as well. It’s expensive, especially given the cost of quality printing and postage, combined with the average success rate of 1-2%. It’s also not very customizable. Digital Marketing The other traditional direct marketing method is digital. Digital marketing is far more cost effective, since you can get your message out to many thousands of people at virtually no cost other than the cost of the creative, and the list if you are purchasing one. You can also customize your creative to a degree, addressing your message to each individual. The downside here is that it’s difficult to segment an email marketing list the way you can with a direct mail list. People are hesitant to give out their email address, and other demographic information. A Better Solution Clearly, neither of these direct response methods is ideal. But they each have qualities that are attractive and effective. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the best of both worlds? Postlead Creative Outreach Direct Marketing The next generation of direct marketing is Postlead. With Postlead, you can send a postcard or greeting card with a computerized hand-written envelope to each prospect. The card includes a personalized code that directs them to the Postlead digital marketing platform. Once engaged, the platform tracks the prospect’s movement, giving you insight into their activity and informing you of exactly what they are interested in. This information is all your sales team needs to craft a unique, customized follow-up message for any interested prospectives, moving them rapidly down the funnel to a lead, and ultimately to a sale. Postlead combines the segmentation ability of direct mail with the customization and engagement of digital marketing, bringing you the next generation of direct response. Turn new or existing contacts into leads with Postlead. Contact us today for more information!