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July 22, 2017, by Yeslandi Perez
Why Companies are Using Traditional Postal Marketing Methods
What was once seen as a traditional form of marketing is now seen as an innovative and unique way to reach customers and generate leads. Postal marketing methods that had been used for years are now returning with a fresh new approach from business owners as well as direct mail recipients. There's never been a time in history where technology has been as widely consumed by individuals than in the world that we live in today. All of the innovation has been helpful overall for increasing productivity and delivering results and solutions speedily. However, too much of a good thing can sometimes dampen the results that you truly want as a business owner. This is why several businesses have been adopting traditional postal marketing into their promotional efforts.

The Element of Surprise

Whenever you send an email or push notification to a lead, it tends to be lacking in its ability to project that wow-factor since the premise of the digital mail delivery option is driven by how quickly it can send a message. It doesn't leave much room for making the delivery of the message exciting. Whenever you send direct mail to your leads, you can use many methods to impress them and get them interested in your business. Create a useful promotional tool that they can keep, send them a sample, or even get creative with the packaging so that you can intrigue your target audience with the depths that you'll go to occupy their attention.

Mail Open Rate

It's been proven that more people open physical mail than any other mail that they receive. Direct mail is presently at its highest open rate in over ten years according to the 2016 DMA Response Report. More interestingly, the response rate for direct mail is significantly higher than that of all forms of digital marketing combined. 3.7% is the response rate for businesses that utilize an in house lead list. If you combined all forms of digital marketing together you would reach an estimated 2.6%. This isn't such an impressive number considering that you would have to combine email, paid search, social media, and internet display in order to achieve these results. Without a doubt direct mail garners more responsiveness.

Message Reception

Another reason why more companies are using traditional postal marketing is because digital marketing is so easy for customers to ignore and even block. If someone doesn't want to receive any messages from email addresses that aren't saved as contacts then your message can be easily missed. They can modify their account settings to place those messages in a folder so that your message may never even be seen. There also ad blockers and other tools consumers can use to block out any digital promotional content. With traditional mailing your mail is sent the old-fashioned way and customers have begun to respond better to that now. It feels less intrusive than digital marketing. If you would like to bring your business back to the basics then you can contact us at Postlead.