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June 7, 2019, by Carlo Ricordi
Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents
Everyone needs a good home. Not everyone can also get the home that they want. It can be a matter of location, size, and price. Sometimes they need help to find the perfect house, and that is where you the real estate agent enters. You can find the home a person needs. Real estate agents have more competition these days than they did twenty years ago. Yet, your art lies in talking to people and discussing what they want or don’t want. Connection and communication sell houses. You want consumers to meet you so that you can make your case. Direct mail can assist you in finding potential homeowners, both who are buying and who are selling. You can show your selling and pitching capabilities without having to make a cold call and risking annoyance from a lead. Even though social media can create positive branding while announcing events, you also want to make sure that people will come to meet you in person. A postcard or brochure is more personal than one tweet, especially when sent to a potential lead. Postlead can assist you in refining your strategy to find leads on homes to sell and customers to assist. Here are some strategies we have for real estate direct mail.

Create A Targeted List

Real estate requires precise targets, whether you are in the luxury, commercial or residential market. You need to set criteria to figure out who can benefit from your services. In addition, you need to know who is selling, and who you want to represent. Customers are often searching for homes in certain areas and neighborhoods for zoning reasons, or they seek better accommodation for family members such as wheelchair ramps. Create customer profiles with specific demographics or psychographics, based on information available to the public. The more specific you can get, the better, and Postlead software can assist with refining the target.

Motivate Your Buyers and Sellers

Ultimately, you want your audience to take a call to action. The right mail piece can do the trick. Sellers should take the call to action to sign up with you as their agent, while buyers should feel the incentive to schedule an appointment. You can reach both with well-crafted campaigns. Timing can be key. If a listing expires, the seller may be interested in trying a new strategy with you. Even without that, certain months are better than others for interesting buyers and sellers; house hunting season starts in April and ends in July, before the summer peak. You want to create a sense of urgency and remind both parties that no one wants to sell houses in the fall or winter, in the middle of the holiday hassle.

Track Your Results and Follow Up

Modern technology allows you to enter analytics about your mail campaign. That way you can measure your rate of return, as well as your rate of investment. See who visits a tracked landing page that you list on your postcard or letter; it’s like a PPC campaign, only you won’t be paying per click. That way you can refine your strategy. Postlead can help you with all these strategies, and setting up reliable analytics for landing pages. Get in contact with us today.