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March 7, 2018, by postleadadmin
Get Measurable Results with these 5 Direct Mailing Practices
How Automated Direct Mailing Can Help You Track Potential ClientsAlthough many businesses still realize the value of direct mailing, not many know how to use it effectively or understand how to gauge its effectiveness when they do. Implementing these five current best practices will help you reach your target market. Using metrics and analytic reporting tools provided by Postlead will help you measure the results.

Best Practices to Increase Direct Mail Effectiveness

1. Personalize your message

Customers make decisions based on two things: information and emotion. Of those two, making an emotional connection with your prospective leads generates the biggest response. Being relatable helps, too.

2.Diversify your approach

Although some marketing techniques work better than others, there is no one platform that's the golden ticket to revue generation. Your mailing campaign should include a direct call to action that elicits a specific response that can be measured quantitatively. For example, directing leads to your landing page, which then provides the numbers to tell you how many people read and reacted to your mailing.

3.Make offline metrics count

This works especially well if you have a real world service or company that doesn't necessarily rely on electronic feedback. Include either a response card or some sort of discount coupon with each mailing, with a code that tracks metrics like age demographics, neighborhood, or any other relevant measurement that can be counted and analyzed as they're returned.

4.Refine your contact lists

Your reporting and analysis is only useful if you actually put it to use. Collect all of your feedback on a regular basis and use it to categorize and update your mailing lists. Doing this in a timely manner will allow you to direct your next campaign where it will get the best response. It may also help you to discover ways to reconfigure your approach to reach a wider base of leads.

5.Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!

This cannot be said enough. Statistics show that most conversions don't happen until the second contact. Timely follow-up can nudge a reluctant lead, and it's one more way to show contacts that you care about their business.

How Postlead Measures Results from Direct Mail Campaigns

Postlead has developed a system that makes your mailings more targeted, concise, and effective, all through an automated system and user-friendly dashboard. It starts with refining your mailing lists and personalizing your message to each recipient. You can even test your message before it goes out. Next, Postlead provides reporting tools that allow you to track and analyze data concerning:

- Mail open rates

- Landing page views

- Video view stats

- Incoming leads

- Conversion rates

All of this information is available in real time with live updates every time you refresh. When you're able to get timely, accurate information at your fingertips, refining your approach is fast and implementation is seamless. Direct marketing tactics are only as useful as their results. When you implement practices in such a way that the response is measurable, you're able to put your resources where they'll transform your leads into conversions. Postlead allows you to try it for free and experience the difference for yourself. When you're ready to take your direct mail up a level, contact Postlead to find out how it's done.