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February 12, 2018, by postleadadmin
How to Follow Up with Prospects by Using Postlead
There are some tried and true business practices that always get results. When you're chasing leads, the follow-up is an essential part of closing the deal. In fact, roughly more than 80% of sales are closed after the follow-up. Postlead offers you a creative platform to help convert your leads into customers.

The Art of Following Up

Follow-up mailings are the second step of a multi-part sales process. They should be used any time you make contact with a potential customer, but they're especially effective in direct mail campaigns. That's because with direct mail, you don't always get an initial face-to-face. Postcards are tangible objects that are fun to receive. They establish trust and people almost always read them.

Personalize Your Follow Up

Personalize your message, using the contact's name and adding a brief message with details that establish rapport. Depending on how many leads you're working with, you might want to divide them into groups. That way you can tailor the message of each postcard to the type of lead. Cold leads are older leads or people whose contact information you have but who may not have shown much interest. They'll require a more nuanced, marketing-based approach. Hot leads are previous customers who are interested in your new product or service and sales you're close to closing. An effective follow-up maintains or reignites momentum from the initial contact.

Be Tenacious

Follow-up postcards should be sent within a few days of the initial contact, but you shouldn't reconnect with your prospect just once, even if the contact leads to a sale. Many deals are closed after multiple contacts. Be tenacious without being overbearing. There are other types of follow-up postcards that aren't directly sales-related, but they go a long way toward building trust. Some of these include: -Birthday or holiday greetings -Your company's anniversary date -Special promotions -Event invitations -Contact information update requests

Postlead Makes it Easy

You may think that nourishing leads this way requires a lot of work and attention to detail that's difficult to fit into your schedule. After all, you're a busy professional with a lot irons in the fire. That's where flexibility and convenience steps in. An automated system allows you to sort leads, personalize your message, send it out in a timely, efficient manner, and track their effectiveness through a user-friendly interface. Postlead offers all of the elements you need to conduct an effective direct-mail campaign, including purpose-driven follow-up postcards. We offer three plans that require no contracts, and a system that's self-directed so you can move at your own pace. You can also test and review your message before it goes out, and postage is included in the price. Too many business leaders are missing an opportunity to optimize the potential of leads; about 8% of sales associates follow-up after the initial contact. One reason may be that it's time consuming and tedious. Postlead changes that narrative by combining a great service with seamless, hassle-free automation. Get in touch with Postlead to sign up for a free trial of our service, or just contact us with any questions today!