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March 19, 2018, by postleadadmin
How to Increase Your Direct Mailing Open Rates
2018 Trends that Will Affect Direct Mailing Strategies You could compose the most effective message in the history of marketing, but it's a wasted effort if no one reads it. Refining your mailing list will put your mail in the right hands, but how do you make sure it's being seen? Postlead offers some tips that will compel your leads to open your mail and respond.

Create Direct Mail That Reflects Your Business

Think about what would get you to open and consider an offer. Would you take an offer from a financial planner seriously if it came in a bubblegum pink envelope, or would something more business-like work better? The format of the message tells the recipient something about what's in it. If you've refined your mailing list, chances are it's something they'll want. When creating a mail solicitation, try being creative. Make it appropriate to your service or product. Associate certain colors with your brand that will become easily recognizable, use unique shapes, and add your logo to every letter or postcard.

Use The Right Medium

Current data from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) shows that direct mail will give you a 27% ROI and generates a response rate of up to 4.4%. In fact, it has 10 - 30 times the response rate of digital marketing. Statistically, postcards offer more of a bang for your buck. They are available in a range of sizes, they're great for personalization with colors and imagery, and they're more likely to be read. They're also more cost-effective to purchase and mail out.

Test, Track, and Refine

One of the best things about direct mail is that it provides you with tangible results. Experiment with different approaches before implementing your full campaign to see which are the most effective. This will save you time, money, and effort over the run of the campaign. For example, you can include source code on each mailing to track it from recipient to landing page. Make sure that offers are tied to a purchase, membership, or any other incitement that requires an action, however minimal, on the part of the customer. "Buy One, Get One" at half price works better than simply offering half price on an item or "Buy One, Get One Free."

Use Direct Mail Best Practices

Trends come and go, but industry best practices for direct mail remain steady and effective. Working with a professional direct mail service like Postlead can ensure that your efforts remain current, but here are some standards to keep in mind: - Collect data from a range of sources - Keep data secure to maintain customer’s trust - Build lists and leads organically, based on interest and relevance

Postlead Gives You The Advantage

The Postlead team puts more than 35 years of combined marketing, programming, and design experience into an automated platform that's designed to help your customer outreach efforts succeed. There are no contracts, monthly payments, or catches. We invite you to try us at no cost or obligation. When you're ready to partner with Postlead and increase your open rates, contact us to get started.