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December 28, 2017, by postleadadmin
Top Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses
Top Lead Generation Tips for Small BusinessesThe email and direct mail marketing strategy that you use for your business can help to improve how your lead generation process goes. That is, if you know how to effectively employ techniques that work. You can break down the email and direct mail marketing timeline by using the following as a guide: the pre-campaign rollout phase, message construction and delivery, and the post-campaign phase. We can help you to follow an email and direct mail marketing strategy that will allow you to reach your ideal prospects by being mindful of each of these phases.

Create a Campaign Goal

Before you send out your mailings online and through postal delivery, you need to create a goal for this particular campaign. Are you focusing more on getting your followers re-engaged with your business? Do you have a particular sales goal in mind? It doesn't matter if you want to focus on your customer and client engagement or your sales numbers, in order to follow through with a strategy that will prove most effective, you need to set your sights on an end goal right from the start.

Send Out Personalized Mailings

Make your direct mail and email marketing strategy have a real impact on leads by using personalized messages. Use the names of your leads in each mailing that you send out. If you are re-engaging your clients and customers, make the message specific for that purpose. Include introductory offers for new prospects that you are reaching out to in order to grab their attention right away. Whatever you do, avoid the inclination to clump all of your leads together with a monotonous message that no one can connect with because it is far too general.

Test Your Message

Once you craft your message for your leads, make sure that you test out that message before sending it to them. Check for spelling errors, misinformation, and also make sure that you are addressing your leads properly. You'll be amazed to know just how much making one small error can cause your leads to totally block out your message and any future messages that you send their way. Creating a message that is well-written and personalized for your leads will help you to stay on their radar even if they don't choose to follow through with your offering this time around.

Follow Up to See What You've Accomplished

After you've sent out your mailings, shift your focus onto tracking and analyzing the work that you've done. There are multiple areas of your email and direct mail marketing strategy that you can track and analyze, and you can do them all in more than one way. You can check the open rate for your email marketing strategy. You can also see where your leads go to once they reach your website. You'll also be able to track the incoming website traffic that you'll be receiving from all of your mailings. Using an email and direct mail marketing strategy that is personalized and automated can be helpful for working on the overall lead generation and conversion rate that your business attracts. Contact us at Postlead so that we can assist you with your email and direct mail marketing strategy.