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September 30, 2017, by Yeslandi Perez
How to Track the Effectiveness of Direct Mailing
Direct mailings have been consistently proven to be one of the most cost-efficient and effective marketing strategies that a business can utilize. Although you can be both creative and economical by using direct mailings, it still helps to track the effectiveness of the direct mailings that you are sending out to your leads. Not all campaigns are the same, and if you would use some personalized benchmarks in your business to pinpoint how well you're doing then you'll find out just how effective your direct mailings are.

Track Your Responses

For each direct mailing, there needs to be a way for leads to respond included. Customers can respond through phone calls, emails, or even through using a code or web link that they can scan with their smartphones. Keep track of how customers are responding to your direct mailing!
  • Are they calling to set up appointments and meetings?
  • Are they reaching out to you and making purchases?
  • Does your message annoy them and they just wanted you to know that personally?
Note all of these things. Be mindful not only of much your leads are responding but how they're responding.

Use a PURL

PURLs are personalized landing pages. You can use a PURL on direct mailings to track how many leads are visiting the page that is specifically made for a particular campaign. You can track whether or not they went through with a purchase or not. Using a personalized landing page that links to your business's website is also helpful. By linking them together you can see if leads went through other pages on your site. They may not have made a purchase, but it's possible that they did sign up for your online mailing list, looked at your 'about us' section, or even contacted you through your website.

Consider the ROI

Keeping track of your return on investment is especially helpful if you bought your lead list. You can break down each individual lead into a specific cost, then calculate how much you earned from your campaign. If you made a profit, then you should be jumping for joy and find ways to repeat what you've done in future campaigns. If you find that invested more into the campaign and direct mailings than you generated in sales then you need to figure out where you can do better next time. Direct mailings are such a great way to convert leads into sales that it's worth a shot to use this aspect of the strategy again, but figure out where the holes are and how you can make it even better next time.

Postlead Can Take Care of All of This!

Postlead only helps you track the effectiveness of your direct mailing, but we also help to make sure that your direct mailing has a stellar launch in order to optimize its ability to be successful. Postlead can help you to track and analyze the effectiveness of your direct mailing. All you have to do is contact us and we'll help you select the plan that is best aligned with your business's budget, goals, and needs.