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June 18, 2019, by Carlo Ricordi
What are the Benefits of Direct Mail Call Tracking?
Do you know how well your direct mail campaign is actually working? For that matter, do you know if it's working at all? You might be sending out loads of messages to people who aren't receptive, and therefore throwing away money while missing out on consumers who are ready to buy into your brand. Direct mail call tracking empowers you to monitor the lifespan of every campaign that you run. Individual pieces of direct mail can continue to produce sales well after they've been delivered by the post office. As long as you have a good tracking program in place, you can focus your efforts and ensure that you're actually reaching people. Once you have a list of people who are really in your market, you should find you have a captive audience. There's a number of reasons that people come to Postlead.io to start tracking their campaigns. As you look over the most common ones, keep in mind that each of them come with a whole host of ancillary benefits.

Some of the biggest advantages include the following:

  • By using a call tracking policy, you'll be able to accurately measure a campaign's success. An overwhelming majority of businesses that conduct direct mail campaigns primarily track and measure how successful they are by counting coupon codes or comparing sales data. Neither of these methods provide a complete picture of what's going on. Call tracking lets you know exactly how good a campaign is working.
  • You'll be able to track customers who buy things from your brand but don't take specific advantage of any of your promotions. Some people will look at a postcard and remember that they wanted to interact with your brand in some other way. This kind of system can track them as well.
  • Owing to the fact that calling your customers requires your team to interact with them, call tracking systems can tell you a great deal about how prepared your crews are to communicate with interested parties. You'll know right away if they're prepared to handle the rigors of getting in touch with your buyers.
  • Tracking programs also provide a level of transparency and accountability that many businesses are very much in need of. By listening to a recorded call, you can check to ensure that your team isn't just ready but also providing the kind of customer service they need to be. You'll even know right away if people aren't upselling the way that they're supposed to.
Pinpointing your most effective mailings is a huge challenge, which is yet another reason why this technology is so important. You can place unique tracking numbers on each piece of mail that you send out. While you might be thinking that's very similar to what you're already doing with coupon codes, the difference is that it's done in a controlled environment. You'll be able to communicate with your clients and take down their number even if they haven't yet bought anything. Once you know what pieces of mail work the best, you'll be able to weed out promotions that don't work. Over time, you'll know what messages your clients respond well to. At that point, you'll be able to focus exclusively on these messages and send out well-received mailings to everyone on your list. Perhaps best of all, this kind of call tracking policy doesn't cost any more than your current marketing campaigns do because it's little more than a paradigm shift.

Implementing a Call Tracking Plan in Your Business

Whether you run a larger enterprise-level firm or simply manage your own small business, direct mail call tracking policies can greatly increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. If you're looking to cut costs and specifically target interested parties, then this kind of plan is for you. Contact us at Postlead.io when you're ready to start mapping out a plan for marketing success at your own place of business.