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How Personalized Direct Mailing Can Benefit Dental Clinics
Direct mailing is a marketing strategy that has the capability to positively benefit virtually every industry, and dental clinics are definitely not left out of that equation. As of 2017, direct mailing brings in a household response rate of over 5%, the highest among all other forms of marketing. S
How Creative Postcards Can Help with Your Outreach Strategy
To some business owners and executives, postcards often seem like they would be far too simple of a tool to be able to be truly strategic or beneficial as an outreach strategy for your business. But actually postcards are one of the best things that you can incorporate into your business in order to
Email & Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation
Choosing an email and direct mail marketing strategy for lead generation doesn’t have to be difficult when you know which tools to use and which steps to take to achieve your goals. Here at Postlead we have a staff with over 35 years of combined experience in marketing, programming, and design
4 Benefits of Having an Automated Direct Mailing Dashboard
Your direct mailing campaign stands a better chance of performing well if you have an automated direct mailing dashboard. The benefits of having your own automated direct mailing dashboard are numerous, but we’ll just share a few with you in this post so that you can see just how much of a dif
Best Way to Generate Leads for a Small Business
If you want to build your small business, then you need leads! You probably have a database of existing customers and prospects, but is that enough? Probably not! So, what’s the best way to generate the leads you need to set your business up for success? Traditionally, there have been two methods