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How Personalized Direct Mailing Can Benefit Dental Clinics
Direct mailing is a marketing strategy that has the capability to positively benefit virtually every industry, and dental clinics are definitely not left out of that equation. As of 2017, direct mailing brings in a household response rate of over 5%, the highest among all other forms of marketing. S
Why Should You Invest in Creative Direct Mail Marketing
When it comes to spending your marketing dollars, there is no shortage of options. You could buy social media ads, create an email marketing campaign, try pay-per-click, or even go old school with print, radio or TV ads. The choices can be overwhelming. But if your company is like most, your marketi
Generating Leads with Direct Mail Marketing with a Digital Touch
Generating leads is the bread and butter of any business. Without leads, you cannot develop prospects. Without prospects, you’ll never get a sale. So, it all starts with the leads. You can position your business for success by generating leads in the most efficient and effective way possible. The