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Top Pros & Cons of Marketing Through Direct Mail
Direct mail has the possibility of being the most effective form of promotion, even in today’s digitized world. If you’re like most small business owners, then you took one look at that sentence and laughed! It’s doubtful that many people outside of certain circles still hold this
5 Do’s & Dont’s of Direct Mail Marketing
Running a direct mail marketing campaign can be the equivalent of throwing money out the window. On the other hand, a good campaign can be more effective than other types of marketing. If you’re worried about the effectiveness of your campaigns, then you shouldn’t panic. All you need to
5 Common Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)
Direct mail marketing is still a viable option. Numerous companies use mail campaigns to spread awareness of their products or services. Even so, nobody’s perfect. Mistakes will happen, as will bad luck. Due to mail being a centuries-old practice, most companies have made all the mistakes so you d
5 Tips for Segmenting Your Direct Mail Marketing Audience
Are you absolutely sure that the information you collect from your customers isn’t going to waste? How do you know it’s not? If you’re not segmenting it properly, then you might as well be throwing most of your list into the trash! We asked all the experts at Postlead.io for their
5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing isn’t Dead in 2019
Businesses have used direct mail marketing for centuries. Sears became a corporate powerhouse by using direct mail marketing in the 1800s, to reach consumers in distant towns. People liked learning about products’ competitive prices and having access to otherwise inaccessible goods. We may be more
What are the Benefits of Direct Mail Call Tracking?
Do you know how well your direct mail campaign is actually working? For that matter, do you know if it’s working at all? You might be sending out loads of messages to people who aren’t receptive, and therefore throwing away money while missing out on consumers who are ready to buy into y
How Much Does It Cost to do a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?
Direct mail marketing, if done right, can fit any budget. This inexpensive strategy has existed since Ancient Egypt and has persisted all around the globe. You are delivering value to the mailbox, rather than paper clutter, and your product must show that worth. What are direct mail marketing costs?
What is a Good Response Rate for Direct Mail?
If you’re like most small business owners, then you probably haven’t dedicated much thought to response rates for anything that wasn’t measured by some digital analytic. Since many people throw all of their junk mail in with the recycling, it’s assumed that many people don
Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents
Everyone needs a good home. Not everyone can also get the home that they want. It can be a matter of location, size, and price. Sometimes they need help to find the perfect house, and that is where you the real estate agent enters. You can find the home a person needs. Real estate agents have more c
5 Tips for Using Direct Mail Marketing for Lead Generation
A good direct mail campaign will communicate with your target audience and give them positive memories. That communication can create leads, and leads mean new customers. Direct mail doesn’t have to abide by the CAN-SPAM Act, as email marketing does, and can be a viable strategy. At Postlead, we k