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Refine and Update Your Mailing List with Postlead
Emotional intelligence may help with interpersonal relationships, but customer intelligence is what helps you build better relationships with your market. Customer intelligence isn’t as clandestine as it sounds. However, it does involved gathering data so that you can get information to the p
How Automated Direct Mailing Can Help You Track Potential Clients
Foot traffic is the life’s blood of any brick-and-mortar store, but even a prime location won’t necessarily translate to crowds of shoppers. You need something more, something that will drive a stampede of customers to your doors. What you need is a targeted direct mail campaign, and Pos
Personalized Direct Mailing for Listing Agents
Whether you’re acquiring or selling real estate is a major transaction that no one takes lightly. As a listing agent, you know that you are the marketing go-to person when it comes to each real estate listing that you are responsible for. You work hard to get the word out about each property. It d