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Optimize Your Direct Mailing Campaign with Postlead
People spend more time staring at a screen on their computer or mobile phone than almost anything else. But, how much of what they see do they retain? With advertising, the answer to this question could make the difference between connecting with your target market or being just another blip in a t
How to Increase Your Direct Mailing Open Rates
You could compose the most effective message in the history of marketing, but it’s a wasted effort if no one reads it. Refining your mailing list will put your mail in the right hands, but how do you make sure it’s being seen? Postlead offers some tips that will compel your leads to ope
How Automated Direct Mail Can Increase Your Store’s Foot Traffic
Automated direct mailing serves several crucial functions in the world of direct marketing. First, the ability to electronically send information to potential clients at a low cost is available to anyone with internet access and an e-mail account. Next, new contacts can easily be added to a digital