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How to Measure Direct Mail Success with Key Performance Indicators
Two of the most important tasks of any business is to build up a clientele that will be interested in what you have to sell and to develop high-quality leads. For many years those leads were the result of bulk mailing catalogs, letters and other types of direct mailing. However, many of these bulk m
Optimize Your Direct Mailing Campaign with Postlead
People spend more time staring at a screen on their computer or mobile phone than almost anything else. But, how much of what they see do they retain? With advertising, the answer to this question could make the difference between connecting with your target market or being just another blip in a t
Get Measurable Results with these 5 Direct Mailing Practices
Although many businesses still realize the value of direct mailing, not many know how to use it effectively or understand how to gauge its effectiveness when they do. Implementing these five current best practices will help you reach your target market. Using metrics and analytic reporting tools pro
5 Direct Mailing Tips that Help Generate More Leads
Those who think direct mail is obsolete are missing an important opportunity to grow their business. Direct mail is generally considered more legit and reliable than email, and more likely to get a response. This is especially true of millennials and older consumers, who are either jaded by digital
3 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing for Consulting Firms
Your consulting firm helps many different types of businesses in different industries, or maybe you work in a niche sector of consulting and you only serve a certain industry. No matter what, direct mail marketing can help your consulting firm reach the type of prospects that you are aiming for, and
4 Benefits of Having an Automated Direct Mailing Dashboard
Your direct mailing campaign stands a better chance of performing well if you have an automated direct mailing dashboard. The benefits of having your own automated direct mailing dashboard are numerous, but we’ll just share a few with you in this post so that you can see just how much of a dif