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Optimize Your Direct Mailing Campaign with Postlead
People spend more time staring at a screen on their computer or mobile phone than almost anything else. But, how much of what they see do they retain? With advertising, the answer to this question could make the difference between connecting with your target market or being just another blip in a t
The Importance of Merging Traditional and Digital Media
Postcards have been a steady promotional tool that has been consistent in getting responses from prospects. This traditional marketing method can make all the difference in your outreach strategy. If your current outreach strategy hasn’t been bringing in the responses and conversion rates that
Custom Direct Mail Marketing Solution for Doctors
Direct mail marketing is a simple marketing strategy that any business owner can benefit from. Even doctors who own their own private practice can find direct mailing useful. However, your direct mail marketing may suffer if prospects aren’t responding to your messages. Could your direct mail resp
Personalized Direct Mailing Can Help You Re-Engage Cold Prospects
Just because you have some prospects who haven’t responded favorably to your initial promotional campaigns in the past, doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. You can still re-engage those cold prospects by using personalized direct mailing. At Postlead we can help you to use this tried and
4 Ways to Boost Your Direct Mail Response Rates
Have your direct mail response rates been a bit lackluster or just flat-out disappointing? You don’t have to settle for less than stellar results when it comes to the responses that you receive from the hard work that you’ve put into your direct mailings. You can actually boost your curr
How Personalized Direct Mailing Can Benefit Dental Clinics
Direct mailing is a marketing strategy that has the capability to positively benefit virtually every industry, and dental clinics are definitely not left out of that equation. As of 2017, direct mailing brings in a household response rate of over 5%, the highest among all other forms of marketing. S
Email & Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation
Choosing an email and direct mail marketing strategy for lead generation doesn’t have to be difficult when you know which tools to use and which steps to take to achieve your goals. Here at Postlead we have a staff with over 35 years of combined experience in marketing, programming, and design
4 Benefits of Having an Automated Direct Mailing Dashboard
Your direct mailing campaign stands a better chance of performing well if you have an automated direct mailing dashboard. The benefits of having your own automated direct mailing dashboard are numerous, but we’ll just share a few with you in this post so that you can see just how much of a dif
Direct Mail Campaigns that Make a Lasting Impression
Direct mail campaigns have been around for years. It remains as one of the most traditional and effective forms of marketing. The staying power of the direct mail campaign strategy says a lot about how much of an impact it can make on a business in either a business-to-consumer or a business-to-busi
The Ultimate Tool for Creating a Direct Mail Campaign
When you decide to use a direct mail campaign as your primary method of marketing, this decision alone can help your business to garner a significant number of responses from prospective customers. One of the most distinct features about a direct mail campaign is the fact that the message can be per