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How to Implement Direct Mail into Your Current Marketing Strategy
Lead generation is the lifeblood of your business. Postlead was designed to simplify the process for you. Postlead was designed by marketers for marketers, and for those in closely related industries. The marketers at at Postlead have more than 35 years of combined experience. As a business professi
7 Creative Direct Mailing Strategies for Realtors
If ever there was an industry that’s tailor-made for direct mail marketing, it’s real estate. It is results driven and thrives on motivating people through personal interaction. Real estate is also a very competitive business that depends on creativity to generate leads that convert. Her
Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for Personal Injury Attorneys
Direct mail marketing works well for almost any industry, but legal professionals have to walk a fine line between finding business and being seen as an ambulance chaser. That’s why it takes a personalized approach that, when done right, can get your name out to clients who need your help to f
Automated Direct Mailing Software for Doctors
As a modern professional, you realize that digital marketing is a necessary part of promotions. As a doctor, you know that your services are personal and require something less generic than email. Automated direct mailing software gives you the best aspects of digital and traditional patient outrea
Affordable Direct Mail Marketing Automation Tool
No matter what business you’re in, cutting costs and maximizing your budget is essential to your bottom line and viability. This has never been truer then now when the cost of doing business keeps rising. Direct mail is making the resurgence as one of the most viable and budget-friendly market
Custom Direct Mail Post Cards for Patient Appointment Reminders
If you work in the healthcare industry, then you understand the importance of a good scheduling program. This is true whether you work independently in a private practice, work in a group or are in a hospital situation. Problems Regarding Patients Missing Appointments Missing appointment includes se
How to Measure Direct Mail Success with Key Performance Indicators
Two of the most important tasks of any business is to build up a clientele that will be interested in what you have to sell and to develop high-quality leads. For many years those leads were the result of bulk mailing catalogs, letters and other types of direct mailing. However, many of these bulk m
Increase Direct Mail Conversion Rates: 10 Tips and Tricks
Direct mail marketing is making a comeback showing response rates that average 2-1 over email marketing. The goal of direct mail is to convert leads while getting a good ROI. Putting your mail into someone’s hands is only the first step. Getting them to act is where you reap the rewards. Here
Optimize Your Direct Mailing Campaign with Postlead
People spend more time staring at a screen on their computer or mobile phone than almost anything else. But, how much of what they see do they retain? With advertising, the answer to this question could make the difference between connecting with your target market or being just another blip in a t
How to Maximize Your Impact by Following Up with Potential Prospects
Is your marketing campaign getting the response you’re expecting? If you’re like many business owners, you’re looking for ways to maximize your impact and get a good ROI for your efforts. Sometimes, the simplest moves are the most effective; and a follow-up is one of those moves.