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How to Maximize Your Impact by Following Up with Potential Prospects
Is your marketing campaign getting the response you’re expecting? If you’re like many business owners, you’re looking for ways to maximize your impact and get a good ROI for your efforts. Sometimes, the simplest moves are the most effective; and a follow-up is one of those moves.
Postlead’s Automated Dashboard Can Save You Time and Money
No matter how long you’ve been in business, you’re sure to realize the importance of automation for streamlining non-core functions. This is most essential when it comes to customer outreach. In order to be effective, marketing has to provide maximum impact for the minimum expenditure o
How to Increase Your Direct Mailing Open Rates
You could compose the most effective message in the history of marketing, but it’s a wasted effort if no one reads it. Refining your mailing list will put your mail in the right hands, but how do you make sure it’s being seen? Postlead offers some tips that will compel your leads to ope
Refine and Update Your Mailing List with Postlead
Emotional intelligence may help with interpersonal relationships, but customer intelligence is what helps you build better relationships with your market. Customer intelligence isn’t as clandestine as it sounds. However, it does involved gathering data so that you can get information to the p
Properly Tracking & Analyzing Your Personalized Mailing Results
Direct marketing is, by definition, a data-driven marketing platform. It involves using data to form a list of leads, reaching out to potential prospects in a measurable way and analyzing the data obtained from your metrics to further drill down leads and redirect your approach. Postlead refines th
Get Measurable Results with these 5 Direct Mailing Practices
Although many businesses still realize the value of direct mailing, not many know how to use it effectively or understand how to gauge its effectiveness when they do. Implementing these five current best practices will help you reach your target market. Using metrics and analytic reporting tools pro
Increase Conversions with Real Time Reporting; Insights from Postlead
“Do you even know me?” How many times have you felt like that when doing business? These days, consumers are inundated with cookie-cutter messaging that puts quantity way ahead of quality. Customers are yearning for a more personal approach that says, “I care about your needs. I kn
How to Attract Millennials with Your Direct Mailing Strategy
You may think that millennials are only about the internet, but you would be wrong. This is one of the largest demographics, comprising about 92 million 18 – 34 year olds. If you want to tap into the power of these numbers, an effective direct mailing strategy will get them to sit up and take
2018 Trends that Will Affect Direct Mailing Strategies
It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for you to freshen your direct marketing strategy to reflect the current trends and best practices. One of the first changes is the recent USPS rate increase of 1.835%,. That means you’ll need to refine your mailing strategy and cull your l
Get 100% More Mail Opening Rates with Postlead
Direct marketing is one of the simplest and most effective marketing strategies. It has existed almost as long as commerce and advertising have been around, and it’s widely regarded in all demographics as a trust-builder. However, you can write the Hemingway of mailers, and it won’t matt