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How 2018 Postage Rates Affect Your Direct & Personalized Mailing
Price increases are an inevitable part of doing business. Although postal rates are still affordable, and direct mailing is one of the most cost-effective marketing platforms, the rise in postal rates may still have some effects. Here’s a rundown of what the increases are for 2018, how they mi
5 Steps to Get You Started on Your Local Outreach Project
Direct mail marketing is most effective when it’s used to bring local customers to your shop. In order for your marketing efforts to bear fruit, you need to devise a specific plan of action to target the right market segment and convert them into loyal customers. In conjunction with digital ma
How to Follow Up with Prospects by Using Postlead
There are some tried and true business practices that always get results. When you’re chasing leads, the follow-up is an essential part of closing the deal. In fact, roughly more than 80% of sales are closed after the follow-up. Postlead offers you a creative platform to help convert your lea
How Automated Direct Mail Can Increase Your Store’s Foot Traffic
Automated direct mailing serves several crucial functions in the world of direct marketing. First, the ability to electronically send information to potential clients at a low cost is available to anyone with internet access and an e-mail account. Next, new contacts can easily be added to a digital
5 Direct Mailing Tips that Help Generate More Leads
Those who think direct mail is obsolete are missing an important opportunity to grow their business. Direct mail is generally considered more legit and reliable than email, and more likely to get a response. This is especially true of millennials and older consumers, who are either jaded by digital
Ultimate Lead Generation Trends for 2018 by Postlead
The ease and efficiency of direct marketing has exponentially increased with technology throughout the past 20 years. With a few clicks of a button, in a relatively short amount of time, information can be sent to thousands of potential clients at little to no cost. While the quantity of that reach
How Automated Direct Mailing Can Help You Track Potential Clients
Foot traffic is the life’s blood of any brick-and-mortar store, but even a prime location won’t necessarily translate to crowds of shoppers. You need something more, something that will drive a stampede of customers to your doors. What you need is a targeted direct mail campaign, and Pos
3 Ways to Generate More Leads with Postlead
Being able to make contact with potential and past leads is a very important part of any successful business. While advertising is an effective way to connect with new customers, directly connecting with them can add a personal touch to your efforts and help to swing a potential customer in your dir
Personalized Direct Mailing Software for Local Performing Centers
Local businesses and startup companies need every advantage to stay afloat with competitors who have bigger budgets. One of the biggest necessities to hit the ground running is a well-planned, strategic direct mailing campaign. If online technology is used correctly in these campaigns, a strong mess
Improve Conversions with Automated Direct Mailing Software
Many professionals in the marketing industry have suffered the experience of being excited about new technology that helps to reach more leads, only to find out that the results of their efforts didn’t pay off. Although digital direct mailing technology increases leads, it doesn’t necess